May 30, 2023

*Kwara Security; Cultist battle over supremacy, as Aye and Eiye clash at Olunlade, Gaa-Akanbi, and other areas.*

It’s sad that Kwara State, one of the most peaceful state in Nigeria is now turning to the shadow of herself, as the long known harmony is chased out by terrorists and cultist.

Ilorin, the state capital where peaceful coexistence has been long admired by others states is now a cultist den.

It was gather that cultists in Ilorin, the capital city of Kwara State has begun supremacy war as the Aye and Eiye confraternity clash multiple times.

According to the report from an eyewitness within Ilorin, 4 cultist lost thier lifes on 8/8/2022 around Olunlade area of Ilorin, one died at the spot, one died at the middle of middle of Iyana-Alagbede road, 2 left with bullets but gave up ghost at the hospital as a result of bullet sustained.

Report revealed that the Iyana-Alagbede, Olunlade clash led to Danialu, Gaa-Akanbi clash, which also claimed the life of one innocent man, Sanyaolu, recall that the same spot was where 4 cultist met thier waterloo sometimes in 2019.

As at the time of gathering this report, numbers of people killed in Danialu,Gaa-Akanbi has not been disclosed.

Although the Nigerian Police Force, and other security agencies are going about and trying to restore normalcy, buy residence are living in high fear because they believe the fight has escalated and no one knows where and when next the shootings will start.

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