October 1, 2023

The Ipokia/ Idiroko State Constituency PDP candidate Mr Mautin Oluwatosin Gbehosu,  Popularly known as (MOG) kick starts his Thank you Tour/Engagement from Ifonyintedo and Ihunbo/Ilashe Wards.

The engagement is part of his efforts to appreciate the party faithfuls and various stakeholders who participated and displayed their unalloyed support during the process of the primary elections that was held in May, 2022, which saw MOG as the flag bearer of the state constituency.
While addressing the Party faithfuls, he emphasized on the need to change the political atmosphere of yesteryears.

However, he reassured them that this coming election should be seen as a redemption election . It’s an era of youth with feasible and clear vision who can let our voices be heard at the State level and can bridge all gaps and bring dividends of democracy to our people.


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