May 30, 2023

Pastor Jerry Eze of streams of salvation can be seen every morning at 7am Nigerian time on YouTube live steam passionately praying over thousands stacks of requests received from his followers around the world.

Always besides him,is his wife and an associate.He prays for cures to ailments and challenges such as illness,marital issues, financial problems and many more.

Eze’s touts miracle healings with the slogan ‘what God cannot do does not exist’ and midway through the live broadcast,cuts to pre-recorded videos from his followers sharing testimonies they believe are results of his prayers. which ranges from terminal illness to conception after years of infertility.

Eze describes the testimonies as“strange acts of God”

“It’s way beyond science and technology”he says.

CNN recently published and acknowledged the impact of his live stream online prayer ministry.

Most watched on YouTube

The broadcast of the New season Prophetic Prayers and Declaration Channel (Nsppd) have propelled Eze to become one of the most watched preachers on YouTube according to the analytics website Playboard,which collate data for YouTube channels.

Eze’s YouTube Platform also ranks second among gospel channels with the most live viewers globally – – trailing behind Brazilian Preacher Bruno Leonardo Playboard’s data shows.

He is currently one of YouTube’s Top earning Preachers who are leveraging the Platform’s super chats donations that help creators earn revenue.His channel receives one of the highest super chats donations in the world,according to Play board.

Among his ardent fan is award winning Afro-beat artiste D’banj who tells CNN joining Eze’s morning prayers has become a routine.One of the celebrities that also shared testimony on the prayer platform was omowunmi dada, a nolly hood actor and filmmaker.

Eze’s story to fame is a typical analysis of the word “from nothing to something” his journey has come a long way.He was raised by his single mom.

According to him “ I came from a poor family where poor people will describe us as been poor” he says “there were days my mom and i had no food to eat,and my mom would hold my hand and pray, at the same time give thanks to God.My mom was a single parent and a petty trader who sold groundnut in the market,there were days she would come home to cry having not made any sales.

To God be the glory,the story has changed for good.

His YouTube channel currently has over 881,subscriptions as of this publication.Viewers from the Uk and US jointly make up 25% of his live streams on YouTube with more than one million from the UK and over 700,000 views between July 20 and august 16 according to figures from the Platform.The man of God is currently the one in the country at the moment whose online prayer platform hits over 81.4 million views in the space of six months with 244million participants globally.

Nigeria has the highest with over two million viewers.His broadcasts are also viewed in other African nations

Eze is blessed with two lovely children and his darling wife Eno. who is also a pastor, he turns 40 years old today 22nd of August 2022

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