June 10, 2023

*Commuters, Residents of Ekiti LGA in deep insecurity fear as Kidnapper kill 1 abduct countless.*

By Anjorin Babatunde.

Fear grips Ekiti LGA residents as kidnapping has rose taller than security, security agencies and their strategies.

The level of insecurity got higher since on monday that Kidnappers stormed the community, killing one and abducting as many as possible.

This ugly development has led to deep fear and panic for both Ekiti people and commuters plying Ekiti LGA to the neighbours state, Kogi.

From information gathered from witness, cars and other properties of the Kidnapped victims are still in the bush in Araromi-Opin, the headquarters of Ekiti LGA.

Although the community and fulani Vigilante has been on thier track since the incident but till now, no positive information has been received from them.

Apart from the Araromi-Opin kidnapping, the same set of Kidnappers was said to have branch Oke-Opin, to kill an hunter for purpose no one knows but the Oke-Opin hunters had since then, swept into action, and assuring the community that they are after them and all involved will be apprehended and dealt with accordingly.

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