China calls for Russia-Ukraine ceasefire, proposes path to peace

As part of a 12-point plan to resolve the conflict, China has called for a truce between Ukraine and Russia and a gradual de-escalation of the situation that will open the door for peace negotiations.

China’s plan, which was announced by the foreign ministry on Friday morning and falls on the first anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, calls for the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia, the creation of humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of civilians, and measures to ensure grain exports after disruptions last year caused a spike in food prices around the world.

Nobody benefits from conflict or violence, the ministry declared in a statement.

The statement read, “All parties must maintain composure and exercise restraint, refrain from fanning the fires and heightening tensions, and stop the issue from escalating or even spiraling out of hand.”

In order to gradually deescalate the situation and eventually reach a comprehensive ceasefire, “all parties should help Russia and Ukraine in moving in the same direction and restarting direct dialogue as soon as feasible.”
China, which declares itself to be impartial in the crisis, has a “no limits” relationship with Russia and has refused to condemn or even mention Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine. It has also claimed that the West incited the crisis and “fann[ed] the flames” by arming Ukraine.

This week, China’s top diplomat Wang Yi paid a visit to Moscow and pledged to strengthen ties between the two nations. Meanwhile, Putin praised the “new frontiers” in relations with Beijing and hinted that Chinese President Xi Jinping would travel to Russia.

Although some commentators have questioned if Beijing’s efforts to serve as a mediator will go beyond rhetoric, Xi is scheduled to deliver a “peace speech” on Friday.

At a press conference in Beijing on Friday, Jorge Toledo, the ambassador of the European Union to China, informed the media that China had produced a position paper, not a peace plan, and that the EU will be studying it.

Although we are thoroughly examining the position paper, if it is a positive indicator for Ukraine, it is also a positive sign for the EU, he added.

Ukraine hailed the “position paper” as “a welcome indication” and stated that it anticipates China will support Ukraine more actively going forward.

“We hope they also call on Russia to end the conflict and remove its forces,” Zhanna Leshchynska, Ukraine’s charge d’affaires, stated during the same briefing

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