*8 Years Saraki Political Advocate Dumps PDP.*

Say's APC is the party for all.

Founder and coordinator worldwide for frontline pro-saraki advocacy organisation called Saraki Peace Ambassadors Movement (S.P.A.M) has today dump the People’s Democratic Party (P.D.P).

The coordinator by name Amb Anjorin Babatunde Samuel describe People’s Democratic Party (P.D.P) as a party for some few selected persons who think politics is all about them.

Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde said People’s Democratic Party has almost reduced him to nothing in all ramifications, he also stated that the party hasn’t given him enough opportunity to develop himself and his community.

Amb Anjorin Samuel Babatunde hence concluded to leave for a better and more productive land which is the All Progressive Congress (APC).

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