June 8, 2023

You are not worthy to be a politician again, Facebook fan blast Saraki Aide for losing his polling unit and ward to APC

It was a night of vavawulence for Otukuko one of Saraki aides who went to his facebook to berate those that defected to the All Progressive Congress (APC) recently.

The director for community impact for Abubakar Bukola Saraki foundation met his waterloo as fans reaction humbled him and later subjected him to say “thanks you”.

Otukuko posted “Jumping ship is relatively common in politics. People do it for different reasons that are sometimes personal to them.

While some jump on principles that are connected to delivery on the mandates of the people, some jump because of the fear of unknown.

We won’t refuse to mark a clear difference between people who jump at times when no personal gain is attached and assured to those who jump when what they will personally gain is the drive. One is on principles while the other is on the ground of fear of uncertainty.

To some acclaimed “informed” minds in the society, “Jump na jump”.

Ramadan Kareem!!!”

The fan @Kolawole Adam reacted and replied below;

“Uncle Otukuko
you are just a Facebook politician that doesn’t have relevance in real politics and the only place you can be valuable in politics is Bukola Saraki dynasty”.

Another fan @Aishat Nasir replied “As leader jumped from PDP to APC and back to PDP using Kwara to negotiate at the national level”.

Another fan @Ibrahim Thoapic also advised the aide to calm down from pressure as politics has nothing to do with Ramadan, his response is below;

“Ramadan and politics are of distant relation
Don’t mix it up Sir”

To view Facebook comments, click link below;


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