June 10, 2023

N.C.C.G salutes Emir of Ilorin, Dr Ibrahim Sulu Gambari CFR on 83rd birthday.

The north central elders and leaders through their youth wing foundly called North Central Coalition for Good Governance (N.C.C.G) has today congratulated the Emir of Ilorin on his 83rd birthday.

They also congratulated his chiefs and Ilorin emirates for another year of witnessing harmony, progress and development in all aspects,all been achieved under the extol leadership of the Emir of Ilorin, Alh, Dr Ibrahim Sulu Gambari CFR .

As a king who’s voice and actions always speaks strength & motivation to his people, such king is a blessing to his people. Ilorin must be proud of how positive he hasled them.

Once again, we say happy sterling birthday to a north central pillar.

*Amb Anjorin B.S*
( _N.C.C.G Nat’l Representative_ )

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