June 9, 2023

Hakeem Omotosho, African Award winning Tourist Visit Isare-Opin, Ekiti LGA, Highlight Fact of the Peaceful Abode.

Hakeem Omotosho,African award winning tourism expert visited Isare-Opin, an ancient town in Ekiti LGA of Kwara State.

The young tourists was spotted with Ekiti LGA Chairmanship Aspirant, Amb Anjorin,who is an Isare-Opin born lobbist,peace advocate and national representatives of north central Nigeria.

Omotosho posted facts below on his Facebook handle.

“Opin is one of the opin communities of the ekiti speaking dialects communities of Kwara state.

Isare Opin is an ancient community rich in culture and nature.

The community is surrounded by differences beautiful hills and beautiful green environment.

Isare is boarder to Osi,Ikerin Opin and Aare opin.

The major tourist’s destinations is the community is Oju Nla Osun River and Taila hills .

The Taila hills is such a beauty from the top you will have the opportunity to see the beautiful Ariel views of the community of Isare opin,Osin and other neighboring communities.

The hills served as a refugee camp for the people of Isare during wartime.

It’s has caves and different points of hiding

The hills is used for relaxation, sightseeing and religion activities now.

Isare is located under Ekiti local government area of Kwara State

One of the major festival of the community is Ikan festival which is age group festival.

The festival hold once in seven years.

The other festival is the Osun festival it’s annual festival hold in November but no fix date or day for it the festival the goddess of river choice date herself and it’s will be broadcast to the public by the chief priests of river.

Watch the video of the history behind the Oju Nla Osun River of Isare Opin Kwara State.


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