June 8, 2023

IDAN; All you need to know about trending nigerian street slang.

By Anjorin B.S.

The hashtag ‘Idan’ is the latest Nigerian street slang that has been trending on social media for some days now.

The word has become a prevalent way of expressing admiration and respect for influential and wealthy individuals in Nigerian culture.

What is Idan?
It is a Yoruba word meaning “magic” or “charming”. Other synonyms are supernatural, exceptional, wonder, glamorous, fascinating, etc.

Examples of its usage on social media
Below are some examples of how ‘Idan’ is being used in Nigerian parlance:

Example: Idans do not take notes in class, but get As during exams
Meaning: Someone who is super intelligent and exceptional in what he does.
Example: Idans withdraw money without joining ATM queues.

Meaning: Someone who is influential in what he does.

Example: Aliko Dangote is a real Idan when it comes to business.
Meaning: Someone who is good with business or a very successful businesswoman.

Below are related street slangs;

Ijoba is the main man you don’t see on the street everyday. Only Omoba has access to him because he makes the street rules

Omooba is the next in line, he is regarded as the face of ijoba who no one try to dare except if ready to face the wrath of Ijoba.

Idan is the real street king everyone knows, although he works for omooba, he is ofter regarded as the controller of all.

Agba is the broke and experienced elder brother in the street, he isn’t apart of the power chain, just a commoner know for niggling around.

Elegbon Agba is the one that knows everyone in the neighbourhood, they know your story from scratch to finish, from rags to riches.

Egbon Adugbo is that elder brother that feel entitled to your daily or weekly dues in the street, what you give them is called remmital and not gift, donation, support stipend or anything you call it.

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